How much money can you earn with your CTS according to the option you choose?

When it comes to growing your capital, all efforts need to be directed at that. Normally, we think of savings such as the money we have in the bank or the fixed term deposit we open, and we forget a very important income: the CTS.

Make more profits annually than you expect


Even if you don’t believe it, your CTS account can make more profits annually than you expect. This money cannot be withdrawn from the financial institution where it is, except when you accumulate more than five salaries, in which case you can withdraw the surplus. This means that it is a large amount of money that year after year will remain there, therefore, it will generate profits.

Produce considerable interest 



But this will not happen in all cases. It will only produce considerable interest if you choose an account that offers you an attractive interest rate. Are there many differences between them? The answer is yes. Each financial institution seeks to offer the best for its clients, and in addition to a competitive interest rate, it offers benefits such as lower loan rates.

If you are not convinced of all the profit that your CTS can generate annually, we leave you an example: Juan has s /. 10 thousand soles of CTS accumulated in La Sarita Bank, with an annual rate of 2.5%. This means that, in a year, your account will have generated 250 additional soles, just to leave the money there, without the need for Juan to carry out any procedure. However, in the Financial AAA, they offer a 5.5% rate, which means that, if Juan had had his CTS there, he would have obtained 550 soles, more than double what he earned in the other entity.

Check the rates offered by the entities

Check the rates offered by the entities

As shown in the example, your decision will be essential to define how much profit your CTS will produce. But how to choose? Use the Sean Cole CTS comparator to check the rates offered by the entities; Also, remember that not only banks offer these types of accounts, you can check boxes, financial, etc.

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